15-Year-Old Boy Killed His Little Sister Over A Tablet

About The Incident

This is a very horrific incident in which a brother brutally killed his little sister just only for an iPad-style tablet. 15-year-old Aleksey murdered her sister 10-year-old Luda, after having a dispute over a tablet.

Brother Confessed To His Brutal Crime

The brother Aleksey had confessed to the Police that he killed his innocent little sister Luda. He murdered her at their family house in the city of Taraz, Kazakhstan. The girl was declared dead at the scene.

The neighbors also confirmed that Aleksey killed his sister over an argument for the device as he wanted to play games, and the sister wanted it for her studies. Reportedly, the brother killed her while she was sleeping in her bed, and then he took her body out and dumped it in the street near his neighbor’s fence.

He said to his parents that she just disappeared, but later they managed to discovered the body.

Charges And Punishments

When the brother confessed to his crimes, police took him into custody. A police representative said: ‘Her brother admitted to the crime in full and was taken into custody.’

The investigation is still ongoing, and Aleksey will face the sentence of 15 years in jail if discovered guilty.


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