19-Year-Old Girl Brutally Attacked By A Thug, Now Scared To Leave Her House

About The Incident

A horrifying incident took place in which a teenager was attacked by a thug brutally. 19-year-old Erin Hasleham assaulted by a man in South London, and now she is even scared to leave her house.

Erin Suffered Fractured Cheekbone And Dislocated Shoulder

Erin just met her three friends and was going home, and then suddenly, the 30-year-old man appeared and started attacking her. The man was already arguing with a woman, and after that, he targeted Erin. The attack was so brutal that she experienced fractured cheekbone and collarbone, and also her shoulder got dislocated.

She was brought to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, and then X-rays done. The police are looking for the man, and it is known about him that he was white, 6ft, muscly with slicked-back hair and tattoos and was donning red shorts.

Erin Statements

Erin recently talked about how she feels after experiencing the brutal attack, and she just scared to go outside her home. She said in a statement: ‘I’m yet in severe pain and doctors tell I might require surgery on my shoulder.

I was in so much trauma, and I yet am. I just don’t know how someone could do this to a whole stranger. I’m very scared to leave my house now, and my mum won’t let me go anywhere.’


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