7-Year-Old Boy Organized A Prom For Nanny After It Was Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


A boy organized a private prom party for his nanny because, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, her official school’s prom was canceled for safety reasons. Curtis Rogers and his mother conducted a great prom party for the nanny and everything done by ensuring social distancing.

Curtis’ Mother Help Him In Organizing The Prom Party

The boy was very much disheartened when he heard about his nanny’s prom party was canceled. So he decided to organize a party, and he took his mother’s help. His mother Elissa loved the idea, and then she organizes a three-course dinner and a playlist of Curtis and Rachel’s beloved music.

For ensuring social distancing due to the coronavirus, the mother used a pool noodle. Recently, the mother shared a post regarding the prom party on Facebook. She said in a statement: ‘Tonight Curtis organized a “Mini-Prom” for Rachel, our astonishing nanny whose Senior Prom was canceled. He prepared nearly everything, including the promposal, the elegant table to eat at, the 3-course food, and the playlist of their beloved songs. It wasn’t the prom any of us anticipated, but it was an unbelievable night.’

Curtis Said Rachel Is Like Best Nanny Ever 

The boy Curtis was very happy after organizing a party for his nanny, and he recently talked with WTVD about it, he said in a statement: ‘Rachel is one of our favorite people and Rachel’s like the best nanny ever.’


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