8-Year-Old Boy With Epilepsy Brutally Attacked By A Gang Of Trolls


An eight-year-old fundraiser with epilepsy was targeted by hateful trolls online who sent him hundreds of flashing images. The Epilepsy Society, a charity which works for people affected by the disease in the UK, said it is the worst attack they have ever encountered with hundreds of flashing images being targeted at their account.

It was after Claire Keer, mum of Zach Eagling, shared tweets asking for support for her son’s fundraising endeavors. Claire, from Liversedge in West Yorkshire, said: ‘My son Zach has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He turns nine on June 16, and be required to raise money for the Epilepsy Society by walking like Tom Moore.

2.6 Km Challenge

He’s only recently instructed to do any independent walking because of his disability, so we found the 2.6 challenge and decided he should try to walk 2.6km before his birthday and try to raise £260. He cracked that target within an hour, so we gradually increased it. The mother tweeted updates to the Epilepsy Society, who graciously yielded them for them.

Several Twitter followers reported having seizures as a result of hateful posts. One user said: ‘I accidentally viewed one of the posts, and it triggered a simple unfair seizure for me. This is not a joke. It is a physical assault on people coping with epilepsy.

Malicious Comments

It is not the first time the epilepsy charity has been maliciously attacked on Twitter, with posts marked with keywords around epilepsy to intentionally target those with the condition and cause a seizure.

Clare Pelham, chief executive at the Epilepsy Society, said the number of events had been increasing, but this was the first time they had been targeted by a coordinated group whose sole purpose was to cause impairment.


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