A 7-Month-Old Baby In Life-Threatening Condition After Being Attacked By A Man At Home

About The Incident

It’s a very terrifying incident; a man brutally attacked a woman and a toddler in Tipton with a kitchen knife. A 32-year-old man is now in police custody in suspicion of violently assaulting the baby and woman with a knife.

Baby Is In Life-Threatening Condition

The woman and toddler are now in the hospital. Now, the woman is in stable condition, but the baby is now in a very life-threatening condition as she suffered multiple injuries. The man attacked both with a kitchen knife, and they endured many stabbing wounds. The investigation is ongoing.

Neighbors Statement On Incident

The neighbors of the victims opened up about the gruesome incident. They just requested the cruel man not to harmed the baby and just gave the toddler to them. One neighbor said in a statement: ‘The man was describing the baby to shut up and elevating his voice, so we were telling him not to harm her or the baby through the window.

We were yelling at him to give it to us through the window because we believed he was going to kill her or the baby. After all, it was that bad. It was shocking to see. It was absolutely horrible.’


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