A Man Declared Not Guilty In The Murder Of His Wife

About The Incident

A Missouri man was earlier arrested on suspicion of killing his wife. The woman is disappeared since the last year. Joseph Elledge detained in 2020 as the cops believed that he was responsible for the murder of his wife, 28-year-old Mengqi Ji Elledge. But now he proved not guilty for it.

Police Earlier Arrested And Charged Joseph 

The police believed that Joseph choked his wife to death and dumped her somewhere so that he could dodge a divorce and stop her from escaping to China with their child.

So, back in February 2020, he was facing jail time and charged for her murder. The doubt on the husband started soon when his wife disappeared. Mengqi Ji was reported missing the first time back in October 2019, and Elledge was defined as a top suspect in her missing.

Joseph Proved Not Guilty For His Wife’s Murder

Back in March, first, his charges of domestic attack and child abuse were cleared. Now, the murder charge is also removed. He proved recently not guilty for the murder of his wife.

The investigation is ongoing as the police are still looking for his missing wife. Jeff Pitts, Columbia police representative, recently revealed that the officers are waiting for the heavy machinery, which will help in finding the woman in Lamine River.


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