A Man Shot Home Intruder For Protecting His Wife

About The Incident

A man in Florida shot a home intruder as he was attacking his wife. The man shot 31-year-old Nathan Jerrell Edwards to death as he forcibly entered his house by breaking the glass of the front door.

Intruder Break In House And Started Beating Wife

Before breaking through in the house, the intruder even approached the man in a very aggressive manner. As per the eyewitnesses, Edwards was behaving erratically. Then the man got back to his home and avoided Edwards. Then the intruder followed and break in the house through the front door by breaking the glasses.

After entering the house, he beat the man’s wife and knocked her to the floor and continued beating her. Then the husband came up with a shotgun and fired a shot at Edwards after that he died on the spot. The wife was brought to the hospital and now she is in stable condition.

Police Arrived At The Man’s Home

Police were called to the Panama City house of the man and then they discovered the dead body of the intruder Nathan Jerrell Edwards and a handgun on the counter.

The husband said to the police: ‘The husband said he believed he could not physically hold the intruder, so he went upstairs to get his firearm. He shot the firearm many times, finishing the threat.’


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