A Mother And Stepfather Charged For The Death Of 7-year-old

About The Incident

This is a terrifying incident in which an Ohio mom and stepfather is responsible for the death of the 7-year-old boy. 24-year-old Oneida Maldonado-Cortez and the stepfather, 37-year-old Jose Santos, is facing jail time after 7-year-old Fabian Maldonado-Cortez died from drowning.

Mother And Stepfather Charged For The Death Of Son

The police were informed about the incident that a child died from drowning, and they arrived at the house at the 2400 block of Azelda Street nearby 8:20 p.m. Saturday.

The officials discovered the minor boy in an unstable condition. Police applied CPR to the boy until paramedics came. Then he was also brought to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, but later, he died, unfortunately. Now, the mother, Oneida Maldonado-Cortez is facing charges of murder and the stepfather, Jose Santos, facing charges of endangering children.

Similar Incident

Back in the previous year, a mother and stepfather arrested when the 7-year-old boy discovered dead in their house. The police informed about the boy’s teacher that he was not coming to school and also hinted towards the signs of abuse.

The boy’s body was found in critical condition, and after that, police arrested them. Evie Loretta Bates and Saint Michael Edwards are facing charges of felony voluntary child abuse.


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