A Prison Worker Charged For Stabbing Strangers That Resulted In Two Deaths


A prison employee is now facing jail time for stabbing strangers that resulted into two killings. 28-year-old Kristen Wolf, who is a former Indiana Department of Corrections worker, murdered two people and severely wounded a third person in an attack at a west side apartment complex on May 11.

Wolf first attacked and stabbed 24-year-old Victoria Cook to death, and then the other victim, 28-year-old Dylan Dickover, killed after he attempted to stop the attack. Wolf, stabbed him in the leg, which caused his death. She also attacked the three other people inside the apartment, but they survived.

Police Track Down Kristen Wolf

On May 22, the police succeed in capturing Wolf from the Madison Correctional Facility. Officers managed to captured Wolf as she left her hat at the crime scene. The hat helped in her arrest because it had Indiana Department of Corrections sewed on a patch, and her name was also printed on it.

It was known that she was like a serial killer who dont wanted to murder someone whom she knew.

Charges And Punishments

28-year-old Kristen Wolf now facing the charges of two counts of homicide, one count of attempted murder, and one count of attempted assault using a dangerous weapon in conjunction with a triple stabbing earlier this month.


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