A Young Suspect Arrested For Shooting A 59-Year-Old Woman

About The Incident

This year, many cases are appearing in which the young ones are becoming killers. There is a terrifying incident in which a juvenile allegedly shot a woman that resulted in her death later. The young suspect is now facing jail time after shooting 59-year-old Leslie Squair Baker in her Dallas house earlier this week.

Police Appeared At Baker’s Home

The police of Dallas were called to the house of Baker, and they discovered her with a gunshot injury in the driver’s seat of a black sedan. Then paramedics also arrived and tried to heal her and even brought her to the hospital, but unfortunately, she died from her injuries.

The eyewitnesses claimed that they listened to six shots at approximately 5 p.m. Monday outside her home in the 6100 blocks of Royalton.

Details About The Suspect

The investigation resulted in arresting a juvenile suspect who can be the killer of her. But still, the inquiry is ongoing. Detectives also requested everybody to contact them if they know anything about the incident.

The police did not reveal the identity of the suspect and not even anything due to her age. The officers have verified that the suspect is now in custody at the Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center.


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