Arizona Man Who Pointed Gun On A DoorDash Delivery Man Is Arrested

About The Incident

A man is finally arrested after he pointed out a gun at a delivery boy. The DoorDash delivery boy named Dimitri Mills faced the armed man Valentino Tejada in Mesa, Arizona, on Sunday.

The Victim Talked About The Incident

Recently Mills talked about the incident during an interview with CNN. He revealed that he doing a delivery at an apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona, on Sunday and then Tejada confronted him with a handgun.

Mills said in a statement: ‘When I exited my transportation, he had his gun drawn to me. I knocked on the customer’s door and let her understand that her order was outside and that we require help because a guy had pulled a gun out on me.’

He also said that he was saying to Tejada that he dont want any scene and just giving food. He also added that Tejada was blocking him. In the defense, Tejada said to the cops that Mills was trying to hit him with his vehicle in the parking lot.

Charges And Punishments

Police also appeared at the scene where everything happened and they took Tejada into custody. Now he is facing jail time and charges of increased assault with a dangerous weapon and disruptive conduct involving weapons.


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