Baby Girl Found Unharmed While Child’s Mother And Grandmother Were Found Dead

About The Incident

This is a very horrible incident in which a mother and grandmother of a little girl found shot to death. The police didn’t reveal the identities of the victim; it is only known that the little girl found unharmed, but her 63-year-old grandmother and 27-year-old mother discovered dead in their upstate New York house.

Police Called To The Victim’s House

Police said that someone called them and then informed the whole incident about listening to a baby weeping and the gunshots from a house on Lake Road in Valley Cottage.

Then the cops arrived at the crime scene, and they discovered the dead bodies of mother and grandmother in the back of the house. They also found the baby who is not harmed.

Police Statements

The police opened up about the child’s condition and other things related to the case. They said in the statement: ‘The child was brought to a local hospital for evaluation. We are in the manner of notifying the next of kin.’

They also added: ‘This area in Valley Cottage is usually a very, very quiet area. We rarely reply to calls there. This is very out of the ordinary for that place.’

Investigation Is Ongoing

Till now, police have found a male suspect in this case. Also, no other information is revealed by police like what is the relationship of the man to the victims. There is no arrest made in this case. The investigation is continuing.


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