Birmingham Police Officer Caught Hitting And Beating A 15-Year-Old On CCTV


It is the unexpected moment when a police officer is taped appearing to kick and beat a 15-year-old boy in the street. The officer identity is not revealed yet can be seen on surveillance wrestling with the teenager just moments after calmly holding him.

Boy Beaten Badly

The policeman then appears to astound him with a hit to the head and a kick on his body, which one observer described as irrelevant. The incident took place in Birmingham after the child told him he would be stopped and searched under the Misuse of Narcotics Act on April 21.

Incident In Brief

West Midlands Police said they had not dismissed the officer but removed him from main duties, holding an investigation. A teenager was seen acting skeptically, declined to co-operate, and is claimed to have elbowed the officer in the face.

Witness Claims

‘I was completely dismayed at the treatment of the officer. They added the kick from what they could see, was uncalled for and irrelevant.

The force’s Professional Standards Department is evaluating CCTV and body-worn footage of the incident following a charge alleging that the officer had assaulted the boy during the progression of his confrontation.

It has also deliberately been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. The officer has not been suspended but has been withdrawn from main duties while the investigation conducted.


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