Brave Florida Homeowner Shoots An Intruder Who Brutally Attacked On His Wife

Police in Florida said a homeowner shot and killed a man Tuesday after the man broke into his home and attacked his wife.


The Bay County Sheriff’s Office said in an explanation that Nathan Edwards, 31, was found dead on the floor of a home owned by a man in his 70’s and his wife. The couple and different observers purportedly told police that the husband was outside the home when they spotted Edwards strolling down the road, acting inconsistently and shouting.

Edwards supposedly moved toward the older man in his carport in a threatening way. Police said the man withdrew into his home; however, Edwards tailed him before beating on the entryway.

The Intruder Then Entered The House And Attacked His Wife

“The husband said he believed he couldn’t truly stop the intruder, so he went upstairs to get his gun. He fired the gun on the man.

Hours after Edwards’ shooting death, officials arrested Ellecia Bryant, 42, Ashayla Lewis, 19, Ourania Moore, 26, and Khary Johnson, 35. Police said the four suspects and Edwards were remaining at a rental home a square from the shooting.

Police noticed that the four suspects were accused of child abuse since kids were at home.

Notwithstanding the kid neglected charges, Bryant was accused of ownership of narcotics, ownership of medication stuff; Lewis, Moore, and Johnson were accused of ownership of narcotics and other illegal substances.


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