California Man Charged For Physically Abusing A Woman In Forest

Here’s a news report about a California man who was arrested for his evil crimes. Coronavirus pandemic is much fatal and harmful indoors than outside as the rates of domestic violence and crimes are kept on increasing with large numbers. There are many reports of crimes appearing these days.

The Incident

Ventura County sheriff’s agents are considering for more victims after a suspect captured in a brutal physical assault recently outside Ojai was attached to another assault on a minor, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Jaden Pullen, 22, was kept at his Ojai living arrangement on March 5, Moments after an 18-year-old person found brutally assaulted in the Matilija Wilderness, a gorge with climbing trails in the Santa Ynez Mountains, according to the news report from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Charges And Punishment

Prisoner records show Pullen is accused of forceful assault, sodomy by utilization of power, sensual and lewd acts entrance by remote article, just as having metal knuckles and selling a controlled substance.

Law enforcement official said the earlier molestation Pullen is currently associated with included a minor girl.


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