California Woman Accuses Police For Her Miscarriage, Claims Cop Stomped On Her Stomach


A California woman filed prosecution against the San Leandro Police Department on Monday, claiming extreme force caused her to lose her unborn baby.

The incident took place on June 7, 2019, when Emily Black and her fiance were stopped by San Leandro police for bad registration checks. According to the lawsuit, filed at the U.S. District Court Northern District of California, unnamed officers asked that Black and her fiance get out of the vehicle.

Stomped On Stomach

Black told police that she was pregnant, according to court records, but they ostensibly pulled her out of the car and stomped on her stomach, stacked on top of her, and tramped on her stomach which leads a shoe mark. Several days later, Black had a miscarriage.

Black’s lawyer Patrick Buelna, said: 

“If officers were settled about her exiting the car, they should have simply, and blandly, helped Ms. Black getting out of the car. Instead, they handled her as she had just committed a violent offense, split her from the car, stacked on top of her, and stomped on her stomach.”

Black said that she was at the hospital earlier on the day in question, where her doctor told her she had a high-risk pregnancy, according to the claim. She was still wearing hospital clothing when the incident happened. The officers purportedly denied her request and even refused to let her put shoes on after the alleged attack.

No Charges

No criminal charges were registered against Black, according to her lawyer.


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