CCTV Footage Shows How Cruel Florida Mother Pushes Her Autistic Son Into Canal

Security film discharged Sunday shows the second a Florida lady drove her 9-year-old medically introverted child to a trench before pushing him in.

As CrimeOnline is recently detailed, the recording caught 47-year-old Patricia Ripley pushing her child, Alejandro Ripley, into a Miami channel at 103rd Avenue and Kendall Drive at around 7:30 p.m. on May 21. Somebody saved the kid and even offered to call the police for Ripley’s sake.

It didn’t seem as though anything strange by any means, an observer who needed to stay mysterious told 7 News Miami. I saw a lady, what seemed to embrace her child.

They were strolling towards the bank of the waterway. As I get further into my porch, I contemplate internally, ‘Gracious my, he’s going to tumble down,’ and he did… The main odd thing was that from the start, she was simply remaining there until she saw me shouting, and that is the point at which she took off shouting for help.

He never said a sound. He was quiet the entire whole time, she included.

He heard shouting after the kid fell into the waterway. Earlier Pozo said he needed to help, however, others had just pulled the kid to wellbeing.

We were here, and we caught some shouting. We were glancing over to the channel, and we saw the kid’s head flying all through the water, Elier Pozo disclosed to CBS Miami. So they hauled him out by the arms. It resembled two meters, and they got him out of the waterway, and it looked like everything was fine.

At around 8:30 p.m., Ripley supposedly headed to Southwest 62nd Street and 138th Court, close to the Miccosukee Golf and Country Club, and pushed Alejandro into another trench, where he suffocated.

After an hour, she carried the kid to an alternate channel … this time, there was nobody there to spare him, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said.

That her child had been abducted by two dark men who constrained her vehicle rough terrain, near a Home Depot off of Kendall Drive, and requested medications. Ripley told police that when she didn’t have medications to give them, one of the men got her child, cellphone, and different things.

The Miami Herald reports that a source near the case said that security film at the Home Depot indicated Ripley sitting without anyone else in her vehicle for around 20 minutes around the time the alleged kidnapping occurred. Alejandro was not in the vehicle with her. She at that point called the police. It’s indistinct what telephone she used to contact specialists.

Hours after the fact, police found the kid’s body at the Miccosukee Golf and Country Club, in the waterway.

After examiners stood up to Ripley about her clashing proclamations, she allegedly admitted to what she did and included that her child going to be in a superior spot.

He went to the Greater Heights Academy sooner or later, a school for uncommon necessities youngsters. Court records show that the school documented a claim against Patricia Ripley for $4,100 in unpaid educational cost in 2016, as per the Miami Herald.

At the hour of his demise, he was being self-taught. Agents state that Ripley may have been overpowered in the previous months.

She had a second there that she could have thought about what she was doing. This was a stop, when she saw me, the Good Samaritan said. Rather than halting, she chose to do this at any rate.

Ripley stays in the slammer without bond.


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