Colorado Man Shoots A Cook Who Was Kicked Out From A Restaurant For Not Wearing Masks

A Colorado man was arrested Monday, days after he purportedly shot a Waffle House cook since he was kicked out of the restaurant for not wearing a face mask.

About The Incident 

Kelvin Watson, 27, was arrested on endeavored murder charges for a shooting that purportedly happened Thursday night at a Waffle House in Aurora. Watson came back to the café and shot a 25-year-old cook in the stomach a day after he was refused assistance for not wearing a cover, as per KMGH.


That night he was at first refused service, Watson came back to the Waffle House wearing a mask that wasn’t covering his mouth. The news station detailed that he undermined staff and told the cook, “I will blow your head off,” while using a weapon.

Even though police were called, the cook purportedly declined to press charges against Watson, who had fled the scene.

The next night, Watson supposedly came back to the Waffle House, and the staff requested him to leave. KMGH noticed that Watson was not wearing a cover at that point.

KCNC announced that during the experience, Watson smacked the cook in the face and injured him.

Watson Shot the Cook 

Watson purportedly followed the cook as he dashed to the back of the restaurant. Reports expressed that Watson articulated a few threats, including, “shut your mouth and serve me.”

Watson supposedly then shot the cook as he hurried to his condo, which was found close by. The shooting suspect fled the scene, yet the staff recognized him as a regular at the Waffle House.

During their examination, police discovered that Watson was associated with shooting up a Denver towing office on April 23 since they towed his BMW. The cook was discharged from the hospital Friday. Watson is free on bond as of Wednesday.


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