Colorado Woman, 28, Booked For Failed Attempted Murder Of A 5-Year-Old

A Colorado lady has been captured on a charge of endeavored murder after specialists state she drove off a precarious bank with a small kid in her vehicle.

In no time before 2 pm on Wednesday, a 911 call came in announcing a mishap off of County Road 321 only north of County Road 162 in Salida.

Reacting officials found a vehicle that had driven off the south side of the roadway and arrived in a profound jettison.

The driver of the destroyed vehicle was recognized as 28-year-old Phuong Nu Hoang Dong Nguyen.

At the hour of the occurrence, she had a five-year-old kid riding as a traveler in her vehicle.

Both Nguyen and the kid were saved from the vehicle and moved to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center to be treated for minor wounds.

Nguyen was then set up for the district prison on a crime tally of first-degree endeavored murder, which in Colorado involves intentionally captivating indirect, which makes a grave danger of death while displaying outrageous lack of concern to the estimation of human life.

Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezza declined to clarify what drove his organization to accuse Nguyen of the lawful offense, which is deserving of as long as 48 years in jail, referring to a continuous examination.

Additionally, Spezze would not say how Nguyen is associated with the youngster in her vehicle.

The five-year-old year was discharged into the authority of a watchman.


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