Coronavirus: 335 Inmates Tested Positive For Virus In Ohio Prison

About The Incident

The world is now going through a difficult time due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The virus also discovered at many prisons around the globe.

Recently, an incident appeared in which a total of 335 inmates are tested positive for the dangerous virus in an Ohio prison, and some are even dead as per Columbiana County health officials.

Coronavirus Impact On The Ohio Prison 

At Elkton Federal Correctional Institution, 335 inmates caught coronavirus in which nine are passed away recently. Many brave soldiers of the Ohio National Guard spent many weeks in prison for helping the patients as part of a medical mission.

The officers worked until April 24 and helped in treating and moving the unwell patients. In this tough time, their support is invaluable. As per Health leaders in Columbiana County, there is a whole of 682 cases.

Security Arrangements At The Prison 

After the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the Ohio jail, there will be no visitations allowed for the prisoners. A notice will announce soon for new rules. For now, there is no planning for releasing the federal prisoners.

In other prisons, this happens that the elderly prisoners are released and also the ill one so that there will be fewer chances of the spread of coronavirus.


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