Couple Arrested For Death Of A 16-Year-Old After Her Body Was Found In Woods

A 16-YEAR-OLD girl was ‘killed’ before her body was found in the forest, police said today.

Louise Smith was discovered 14 days after she evaporated from her home in Havant, Hampshire on May 8 in the wake of telling companions she was quickly jumping out.

Furthermore, Hampshire Constabulary today affirmed they were regarding the high schooler’s passing as a murder.

Investigators were all the while attempting to sort out the last snapshots of Louise’s life.

Louise’s developments between VE Day when she vanished and May 21 are indistinct.

DCS MacKechnie did anyway uncover that Louise had been remaining in high rise Ringwood House, Havant, before her passing.

Talking today, he stated: This is presently a homicide examination and we are truly centered around recognizing who is answerable for Louise’s dismal demise.

The idea of our examination is attempting to sort out the last snapshots of Louise’s life shockingly.

While an after death has been completed, police would not uncover the reason for Louise’s passing or when she kicked the bucket.

I have a truly decided and devoted examination group on this that truly need to get who is liable for this.

Louise’s mum Rebbecca Cooper is currently lamenting after it was affirmed the body found on Thursday was that of her girl.

He stated: The mum is vexed as you can envision, bothered. She discovered the previous evening that it was her little girl so you can just envision the despondency she is experiencing.

The previous evening Ms. Cooper, paid tribute to her little girl by posting a photo of them along with the subtitle so glad for my girl Louise.

Today, irritated individuals from Louise’s people group laid blossoms at the passage to the Thicket, with in excess of 50 bundles by its door.

Your life was just barely starting, find happiness in the hereafter excellent girl. Fly high Louise.

God favors you, sweetheart, fly high with the blessed messengers.

Family companion Jackie Meredith today laid a bundle and depicted Louise as ‘girly’ and encouraged police to get to the base of the examination.

She was an extremely beautiful little youngster and her family was flawless as well.

She was only your run of the mill adolescent, she was a bubbly and amusing girl.

You could talk to her effectively, she was an enchanting little youngster and was in every case well disposed to individuals.

It comes as authority criminological officials keep on looking through the home of Shane and Cjay Mays after Louise’s body was found.

The pair, both 29, live minutes from the 16-year-old’s home in Havant, Hants. Their house was struck by police on Friday – seven days after they were captured and abandoned doubt of hijack.

A missing individual banner including Louise’s name and the picture had been stuck in the window of the Mays’ level – yet it seemed to have been concealed by police yesterday.


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