Evil Father Left His Only Daughter, 4, With Down’s Syndrome To Die In Cot

About The Incident

A monster father abandoned his minor daughter in her cot for days that resulted in her death. 43-year-old Mark Dunn, left his 4-year-old daughter, Willow Dunn, with Down Syndrome, to die from hunger. The girl used to live with her dad and stepmother in Cannon Hill. The birth mother of her passed away during labor.

Evil Father Didn’t Contact Emergency Services For Days

Mark called police to their Cannon Hill house on Monday, after some days of his daughter’s death. He said to the police that he found her daughter’s remains on Saturday and didn’t contact the emergency services for days. The evil father also said that he abandoned her in anger so that she would die from starvation in her cot.

The Australian police confirmed that only the father is responsible for her death. The girl passed away on May 23, 2020, court reports claimed.

Charges And Punishments

Police arrested 43-year-old Mark Dunn when they found the body of his daughter in critical condition. He is charged with the murder of his daughter. The police of Brisbane recently verified that ‘a 43-year-old man had been indicted with murder following the demise of a four-year-old girl at Cannon Hill’.

As per the cops, the wicked father refused to bail and he will appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court. The investigation is yet ongoing and the police have requested everyone if they have any information about it to contact them.


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