Florida Homeowner Shot 31-Year-Old Man To Death Who Was Acting ‘Erratically’

A Florida Homeowner lethally shot a guest from Georgia who crushed through his front entryway and started beating his wife inside, sheriff’s authorities said.


The Bay County Sheriff’s Office got a 911 call about a home invasion at about 6.05 am Tuesday.

At the point when police showed up to the Panama City home, they discovered Nathan Jerrell Edwards, 31, dead inside the home, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

Witnesses told deputies that Edwards had been strolling down the road, ‘shouting and swearing … acting forcefully and sporadically,’ the post expressed.

The Man Claimed That The Victim Threatened Him

The house owner, a man in his 70s, told police that Edwards threatened him while he was remaining outside his home.

‘The man strolled down the husband’s driveway and moved toward the husband in a threatening way,’ police stated, including that the owner at that point withdrew inside his home to escape.

The man and his wife told police that Edwards previously began beating on the door to the house.

Edward Then Entered By Crushing The Glass Door

Deputies said Edwards, at that point, crushed through the glass front entryway and started beating the man’s wife.

The spouse told police that he believed he couldn’t truly stop the man and went upstairs to get his weapon. Moments after the fact, the owner fired shots at Edward.

Edwards was articulated dead at the scene. The man’s wife was taken to a neighborhood hospital for treatment.

Officials learned Edwards had been remaining at a rental home with friends close by, as indicated by a different post. Examiners discovered narcotics, a firearm, and cash, as well as children.

Every adult inside the house was arrested and accused of child abuse and different charges.


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