Friends: Lisa Kudrow Tells Fans What Phoebe Would Be Doing In 2020

Lisa Kudrow is back in her role as Phoebe Buffay amid a pandemic. This is her way of living in isolation. She has reprised her real life in the form of Phoebe Buffay. This is something which she is trying and imagining her life as if she is Phoebe Buffay. She is thinking of the situation if she and Mike Hannigan had kids and how her life would have been in that case. She is all excited about the reunion, and she is expecting a hell lot of fun together. This is something which fans have been waiting for such a long while.

The reunion is going to be one of the best things since the series got over in 2004. There has been plenty of speculations regarding the reunion episode, and fans are excited about it. Amid the pandemic, the series is all set to bring back those emotions from the series through its cast. There is also a lot of speculation concerning the nature of reunion, and Lisa Kudrow has made it clear that there is no script for it. There is a relative uncertainty on the nature of the reunion. There is no planning going on for it, and this is going to be the best part of the reunion.

Lisa Kudrow
Source: Business Insider Singapore

The series is still one of the most liked shows among all the sitcoms. There are several series that reach the zenith of success, but FRIENDS has a different following at all. There is no reason that the fans won’t be excited about this news. Since the time this crisis has started, people across the globe are waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. People are stuck in their homes, and this is the reason why celebs are coming in open and helping people to stay indoors.

Many celebs have taken the online mode of interaction to reach out to the fans, and this has also helped fans to remain indoors. Lisa Kudrow has clarified how the characters of friends aren’t going to be in their role. This time they will be simply sitting together and try to relive those moments when they were together for the series. There had been plenty of speculations concerning the nature of the reunion, and fans have been curious to know the details.

Though fans were expecting an actual reboot, this isn’t the case with the reunion. The series is going to have another episode where the original cast will be present, and they are going to be in the room for a while. So if you were expecting it to be a complete reboot, then it isn’t the case over here. This doesn’t mean that the fans aren’t going to enjoy the episode. The only difference is that the fans will also relive the moment of the series, and that is going to be a true reboot in every possible sense.


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