Know Why Every Person Hates The Rainbow Color Rapper

Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez. This Brooklyn based rapper has various haters and the reason to be despised for. His single arrival  “Gummo” in 2017 exposed him, even though it was merely a sleeper hit. In any case, he has done whatever awful things that have presented to him a lot of haters as well.

As a matter of first importance, you may have a little issue with understanding his verses expect for the ‘N word’ that he utilizes a lot of time in his melodies. He has regularly been reprimanded for his rapping style. Here’s Why Everyone Hates Him

Fights With Other Famous Rappers

If you follow him on Instagram, at that point, you already know about his fights with different rappers. He grasps these drawn-out fights more than some other rapper today and believes it to be a part of his picture.

Meet 6ix9ine:
Source: The Ringer

He Was Involved In Various Criminal Activities

His Instagram account has brought down on various events, and he is even stupid enough to post his crimes. In November 2018, he was accused of an armed theft, which he recorded from a close-by van. A taken bag from the theft was found in his loft three months after the incident.

Accused Of Attacking A Teen Boy

Tekashi was arrested on a warrant in July 2018 that accused him of chocking an adolescent. The kid who had been a fan was following and recording Tekashi. A video was posted in which Tekashi could be seen chocking the kid, and the kid later posted his video indicating red marks on his neck.

The Rapper Disrespects Girls.

Nobody likes individuals who insult and disrespect other people and not only girls. In any case, Tekashi has gained fame for disrespecting ladies. Rapper high asserted in a video that Tekash had been annoying his female friends and has the name of insulting women.

At the point when the rapper Tekahi was 18, he took an interest in a lewd video in a party in Harlem, which he at that point transferred on the web. He was also accused of that dirty video.


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