Little Girl, 12, Dies After Eating A Tiny Lithium Button Battery

About The Incident

This is a terrifying incident of a girl who ate a tiny battery, which resulted in her death. Little Valeria Makarova accidentally swallowed the small Lithium button battery while she was changing the battery in her watch, and after a week, she died. She was the only child of the parents, Tatiana and Sergey.

The Girl Died Despite Taking Medical Help

The little girl even went to the hospital, but the doctors instructed her that it would pass through her naturally and then discharge her. The physicians were not able to discover the mini battery on the X-ray.  The battery was stuck in her esophagus.

Now there is an inquiry ongoing that is conducting by Russian criminal detectives; they believed that the little girl was a sufferer of carelessness because of the treatment she received at the hospital.

Family Friend Said Doctors Could Not Save Girl

A family friend recently said in a statement that even the parents brought her into another hospital. Still, unfortunately, they could not save the girl: ‘Her death is so severe, all the more because it was a shocking accident. Her mother and father brought her to another hospital, but the doctors could not save the girl. This is a ridiculous death of a child, who had become 12 on May 5.’

The Girl Just Turned 12

Valeria’s mother Tatiana, posted a beautiful message on her 12th birthday: ‘The moment you arrived in our lives will remain in our memory forever as the most joyful day….We are so happy to be your mum and dad.’


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