LMPD Officer Is Accused Of Physically Abusing A Woman At Her Work Center

About The Incident

An LMPD officer physically assaulted a woman during on duty. Now, 25-year-old Robert Neff is facing the charges for physically abusing a woman after an investigation conducted.

Victim Informed Abuse To Police

The abuse happened with the woman back on March 10. Then after that, the victim spoke with another LMPD officer. She revealed that Neff abused her by touching her inappropriately and she was working at that time at a gas station.

She made accusations on the officer regarding wrapping her hands with plastic and then started giving her hugs and kisses without her permission. She also said that he had waited once at her workplace while on duty for more than two hours.

Then an investigation on officer Neff began by LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit. Now he is facing charges for his improper acts.

Charges And Punishments

As per the Louisville Metro Police Department, now their officer Neff is charged for abusing a woman on duty. 25-year-old Robert Neff is facing charges of three counts of wrongdoing, two counts of third-degree physical abuse, and one count of harassment with physical.

This case will also go to LMPD’s Professional Standards Unit for inspection for possible internal policy breaches. Neff is registered to be arraigned on June 16.


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