Lyft Driver, 51, Pleaded Guilty Of Physically Assaulting A Passenger

About The Incident

A Lyft driver is facing jail time after he physically assaulted a passenger. 51-year-old Robert W. Sauvager in prison after he proved guilty for abusing the woman back in November 2019 in Midlothian.

The police spokesperson said in a statement: ‘At about 9 a.m. on November 3, an adult female went to a local hospital and reported that she was physically assaulted many hours earlier by a Lyft driver throughout a ride.’

Driver Proved Guilty For Physically Assaulting Passenger

Now, the driver, Sauvager, is facing the sentence of 20 years in prison after he discovered guilty for physically assaulting the woman. The man is facing charges of physical assault and battery.

Similar Incident

This year, a uber driver named Amir Attia arrested for physically assaulting a female passenger. In 2018, He was supposed to drop her at home from the police station after a DUI. Then suddenly, he stopped the car and started physically assaulting her, as per Santa Ana police.

Then she informed the police about the incident, and they collected DNA evidence that was registered into their system. Attia was held at the Orange County jail, and his bail priced at $150,000. He already faced jail time back in 1993 and met charges for battery.


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