Man, 26, Caught On Camera Pushing Corpse Of Murdered Girlfriend In A Wheelbarrow

Philip Grigoryev, 26, has now been held on doubt of choking her girlfriend to death following a late-night dispute in St Petersburg, Russia.


Officials confirm after he beat and killed Arina, 24, he went to get the work cart and heaped up her body before covering it with sheets.

The stage fitter – who lost his employment due to the coronavirus- at that point wheeled it from a condo they partook in Oranzhevaya Street, Yanino.

For an hour, he is said to have strolled around the suburb before going into another condo square and utilizing a lift to arrive at the twelfth floor where he supposedly dumped the body.

CCTV Camera Recorded The Evil Man 

Surveillance cameras in the area got him on his shocking hour-long walk, police said.

The film shows the man in a yellow top pushing the handcart.

Another video from REN TV shows how a youngster and another occupant needed to watch out as he gracelessly moves the overwhelming hand truck out of the square loft passage.

Police were called by a friend of the suspect; it is comprehended. The Russian Investigative Committee affirmed the man was kept and a homicide investigation opened.

The Woman Was Beaten And Choked

The woman had been beaten and choked after a column in which the man was smashed, as indicated by an advisory group proclamation.

Grigoryev was a phase fitter working for arena shows of Russian and Western music groups – incorporating Rammstein – in St Petersburg.

In the wake of losing his employment in January when shows were prohibited because of the killer virus, he worked in as a cab driver.


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