Man Arrested After He Threw Burning US Flag Onto A Police Car And Spat On Officer

Daniel Lucey, 40, of Boston, purportedly set an American banner ablaze and tossed it on a Boston Police detainee transport cart, which was stopped close to a wellspring inside the Common, soon after 7 p.m., police said.

Two onlookers moved toward an official who was on the lookout in the territory and educated them regarding the episode, as per a police report. Extra officials showed up at the scene and halted Lucey, who supposedly told police that he had tossed the consuming banner at the vehicle as a type of dissent.

Lucey was conveying a few other American banners during the occurrence. Police said the banners seemed to be like the ones that had been set before the Soldiers and Sailors Monument inside the Common throughout the end of the week to honor Memorial Day.

While talking with police, Lucey purportedly spat on one of the official’s shoes, authorities said.

Lucey was captured and accused of tumultuous direct, threatening behavior on a cop, malevolent demolition of property, and malignant obliteration of authentic landmarks.

He is relied upon to be charged in Boston Municipal Court.


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