Meghan Markle's Battle With Her Father Thomas Markle

Meghan Markle is now a part of the British royal family after tied the knots with  Prince Harry. But the relation between the Duchess of Sussex and her father Thomas Markle is very much complicated. Sources said that her father broke contact with his daughter now. So know here everything about it:

Before Wedding, The Relation Was Good Between Meghan And Her Father

Before Meghan’s wedding, the bond between her and father Thomas Markle was very good. He supported her daughter when she was an actress and helped her in achieving many things in life. Also, previously, a family friend Ramon Moreno claimed that her father is very much supportive of her even before her marriage.

Thomas Markle was a director of TV lighting, so Meghan once said that she gained an interest in acting when she used to visit the sets.

How The Relation Between Meghan Markle And Her Father Get Complicated?

Thomas did not appear at the royal wedding of her daughter. He said that due to the critical health conditions, he wasn’t able to come. Also, Meghan expressed her feelings when her father not able to attend her marriage: ‘he would not be attending our wedding. I have forever cared for my father and believe he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health.’

But Thomas did not meet her daughter since she tied the knots with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle With Dad Thomas
Source: In touch weekly

Thomas Markle Talked With Media About Daughter’s Married Life

After her daughter’s wedding, Thomas Markle talked with media on multiple occasions. Earlier during an interview, he said that her daughter is facing many problems after her royal wedding. He said in a statement about Meghan’s life as a Duchess:

‘My thing regarding my daughter right now is that I believe she is terrified. I watch it in her eyes, I watch it in her face, and I watch it in her smile. I’ve seen her smile for years. I believe in her smile. I don’t like the one I’m watching now. This one isn’t actually a stage smile–this is a worrying smile. It actually worries me. I believe she’s under pressure. There’s a price to pay to be married to that family.’

Meghan also tried to convince her father to not speak about her marriage with media, but he kept doing it.

Meghan Suing British Newspaper For Leaking A Private Letter

There is also an ongoing legal feud between Meghan Markle and a British newspaper as the publication house leaked a very private letter which she penned to her father, Thomas Markle. The letter revealed the weak relationship between Meghan and her father.

The Duchess of Sussex is suing the Mail on Sunday’s administrator, Associated Newspapers, for copyright violation and perversion of secret information for publishing the letter.


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