Milwaukee Man Allegedly Kidnapped A Teenager And Physically Abused Her In A Hotel

About The Incident

This is a very horrifying incident where a man abducted a minor girl and then brought her to a hotel and tried to abuse her physically. 34-year-old Anton Veasley approached a 15-year-old girl and then forced her into his truck, took her to a hotel, and then tried to get physical with her.

Girl Opened Up About The Incident

The girl informed the police that she left her home on May 14 and then went to Silver Spring Drive, and then Veasley noticed her and then started shouting at her. She added that she also neglected him, but he came out of his truck and seized her. Then the man succeeded in forcing her into his truck.

Then he drove to the American Inn Motel, Veasley forced her onto a bed and then tried to get physical with her. After that, the girl managed to talk with the manager for making a call. Then she contacted her friends and then she got back to her home. She informed the police about the abuse.

Charges And Punishments

The monster man, Anton Veasley, is now facing jail time after abusing the minor girl. He is bearing the charges of three counts of kidnapping and physical assault charges.


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