Murdered And Physically Abused Newlywed Finally Gets Justice After 50 Years

Colorado specialists utilized DNA proof from the body of a dead man whose carcass was unearthed to affirm that he was liable for the assault, strangulation, and lethal shooting of a 23-year-old love bird mother-of-two 50 years back.

DNA proof found on the assemblage of 23-year-old Betty Lee Jones coordinated that of Paul Leroy Martin, The Daily Camera reports.

Cold case agents, as of late, figured out how to discover a DNA interface between the person in question and Martin’s offended sibling.

He advised specialists that his kin used to drive a vehicle like one Jones was seen getting into following a contention with her significant other in March 1970.

Cops found that Martin had passed on in June 2019, and his body was uncovered to make a positive DNA coordinate.

Jones was most recently seen alive in her home in Denver on March 8, 1970.

After a contention with Robert Ray Jones, her better half of only nine days, Betty Lee Jones left home and attempted to wave to a vehicle.

The following day, Jones’ body was found by two Colorado Department of Transportation laborers down a bank on Colo. 128 close to the Boulder and Jefferson area outskirt. She had been assaulted, choked, and shot.

Martin had no known connection to Jones, and the case went cold during the 1970s.

Be that as it may, it was revived in 2006, and the DNA proof was submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation without finding any matches.

The example didn’t coordinate that of any known suspects or sentenced hoodlums in the national database.

Specialists at that point presented the presume DNA to Bode Technologies, a private lab, which built up a profile utilizing hereditary ancestry, as per KCNC-TV.

The private Bode research center got the DNA in 2019 and utilized parentage to recognize Martin.

Investigators built up a family tree and started to limit the potential presumes to utilize a procedure of end.

They followed the DNA to a lady, who was later recognized by the CBI.

Examiners at that point distinguished the lady’s significant other and her two children, who might have been in their twenties at the hour of the homicide and who lived in Denver at that point.

One of the children was as yet alive. Agents discovered him and acquired a DNA swab.

The child likewise uncovered to examiners that he had an antagonized sibling that they didn’t think about.

That man was distinguished as Paul Leroy Martin, who passed on in June 2019. His remaining parts were entombed in Fort Logan National Cemetery.

Specialists at that point unearthed his body and got a DNA test, which was sent to the CBI lab.

On April 24, 2020, the CBI Forensic Sciences Biological Unit advised the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office that the example gathered from Betty Jones’ body and Paul Leroy Martin was a match.

Martin had no known connection to Betty Lee Jones, and the officials who at first explored the case never speculated him.

Martin’s sibling told agents that he recalls that he is driving a blue Plymouth Fury car, which coordinates the portrayal of the vehicle that Betty Lee Jones waved to on the day that she left her home in Denver.

To the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office May 26 and a homicide accusation would have been documented if Martin was alive, specialists said.

‘Given the proof and DNA examination delivered through this examination, if he were alive today, Paul Martin would be charged and indicted by the District Attorney’s Office for the homicide of Betty Jones,’ the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office said.


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