Oklahoma: Bodies Of 2 Children Found In Oklahoma Waterways, Police Yet To Identify


Law Enforcement of Oklahoma has found the bodies of a young girl and a young boy in waterways near Tulsa, where two young children have been missing since Friday.

Tulsa Policemen confirmed that the body of a young girl found in the Verdigris Navigational Channel in Wagoner County Tuesday night has been rushed to the medical examiner’s office for the identification process. And on Wednesday, it is reported that the body of a male child was found in Bird Bay near where Mingo Creek flows into it.

Mingo stream runs north by the apartment complex where Donisha Willis, the mother of Miracle Crook, 2, and her brother Tony Crook, 1, resides. Bird Creek flows into the Verdigris River. The girl’s body was found reasonably close to 100 miles away from the apartment complex by water, and the boy’s body was about 15 miles away.

Bodies Found

Police said the body found on Wednesday was dressing clothing similar that worn by one of the children. The body was a young male. Police were reluctant to consider that the two bodies are the missing children until they have positive classification but said they had spoken to the family about the latest discoveries.


Police sent dive teams into ponds behind the apartment complex earlier in the week, but the children were not found until an off duty policeman was fishing with his family on the Verdigris River near Porter and observed the body. With the body discovered so far outside Tulsa, policemen said that the search for the toddlers was dramatically increased.


On Tuesday, Tulsa police said they had found new footage of the two children, holding hands and playing alone near a bank on the west side of the Shoreline apartment complex, where Mingo Creek runs. They said they think that the children may have found a gap in the barrier, which heads to steps into the creek.

Mother Arrested

After family members got worried reported not seeing the children since Thursday, Tulsa police launched a hunt for the toddlers. The search found video footage showing the children with their mother at a service store on Friday morning, and more footage showing the two strolling down the street alone in the apartment complex about two hours later.

Police arrested Willis on Sunday, charging her with child endangerment and attacking an officer. ​She has been uncooperative throughout the investigation.


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