Oklahoma Man And Woman Faces Child Abuse Charges For Allegedly Torturing A 10-Year-Old Girl

An Oklahoma man and lady facing lawful offense kid abuse charges were both given bond on Wednesday, despite charges of tormenting and beating a 10-year-old girl.

McAlester News-Capital reports that Ashley Schardein, 24, and Billy James Menees, 27, are dealing with several charges identified with supposed child abuse that endured over a range of in any event a month, investigators said.

Officials Started Investigation After A Tispser Reached Them

As indicated by court archives recorded at the Pittsburg County Courthouse, the presumes savagely beat and starved Menees’ little girl. Police started investigating when a tipster reached the Oklahoma Department.

The suspects punished and tortured the kid “with the emotional and obnoxious attack, physical abuse, including hitting, not permitting her to utilize the bathroom,” court archives read.

The Couple Forced The Girl To Sleep On The Floor

The pair is additionally charged for driving the youngster to rest on the floor with no cushion or cover, inside a room. Examiners said the assumes additionally took care of the girl oats or spinach just and made her “stay standing for a long time during the day, some of the time in wet apparel under a fan.”

News on six correspondent Lori Fullbright, who acquired the sworn statement, included Facebook that Schardein would eat snacks while the girl sat close by. At the point when the youngster cried in hunger, Schardein supposedly advised her to “shut up.”


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