Oklahoma Stepmother Accused Of Torturing And Starving 10-Year-Old Girl


An Oklahoma woman currently jailed for allegedly beating and torturing her 10-year-old stepdaughter wants out of jail on her own recognizance.

Ashley Schardein, 24, and Billy Menees, 27, appeared at the Pittsburgh County Courthouse earlier this month for child abuse and various related charges. They’re both accused of abusing Menees’ daughter, but their lawyer says that the allegations have been driven out of proportion.

Lowered The Bonds

During a bond hearing last week, District Judge Tim Mills initially lowered the defendants’ bond from $500,00 to $100,000. Schardein and her lawyer, Brecken Wagner, appeared in court Thursday and demanded Schardein’s release after she had medical concerns during a previous court hearing. Authorities finally took her to a local hospital for a medical checkup.


District Judge Brian McLaughlin listened to arguments from both sides. Schardein said the stress of the charges caused her to have contractions during her last court hearing, although she is only seven months pregnant.

But according to medical records,  there was nothing in Schardein’s files that symbolized she had contractions before being sent back to jail.

Wagner, however, claimed that Schardein was vulnerable and shouldn’t have to have her newborn in jail, which would profess risks to both mother and child. He added that house arrest with an ankle monitor for his client would be a better option.

Medical Release

Prosecutors argued that Schardein’s current shape does not meet the requirements for a medical release from jail.

McLaughlin eventually rejected the defense’s request after looking over documents obtained from the hospital, which advised Schardein to drink water, limit exercise, and add nutritional drinks to her diet.


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