Pennsylvania ‘Evil’ Father Tortured 4-Year-Old In Attempt To Take Devil Out Of Him

A Pennsylvania man was captured for the current week for attempting to set his 4-year-old child ablaze and for ambushing a man who attempted to stop him.

Josiah James McIntosh, 27, was captured on Wednesday evening when police reacted to a call of local unsettling influence, at a home in Johnstown’s Southmont district, WJAC revealed.

That McIntosh had poured fuel on the boy and let him know, On the off chance that we can’t get out the evil spirit, I’ll consume it out of him, as indicated by court archives, announced by the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

He attempted to get McIntosh out of the house, yet McIntosh punched him and hit him on the head with a block, incidentally crippling him. Police said the man had noticeable harms on his left side, especially the head and ear.

Officials found the boy standing undressed inside the home, with fuel poured close by him. McIntosh was no longer in the house, yet an inquiry of the area immediately found him, possessing a scent like fuel and conveying a dispensable lighter.

He’s been accused of irritated ambush, exasperated attack of an individual under 6, straightforward ambush, basic attack of an individual under 12, pyromania, and imperilling the government assistance of kids. McIntosh is being hung on a $75,000 bond with a May 27 court date.


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