Pennsylvania Officials Arrested A Man Who Brutally Molested The Mother Of His Child

Experts in Pennsylvania have arrested a man for assaulting the mother of his kids and showing his 3-year-old girl how to smoke.

Officials Were Sent A Complaint About The Assault 

As per WTHM, Mount Holly police got involved after Children and Youth Services sent them a complaint, recorded Monday, from a lady claiming somebody in her family assaulted her and that she dreaded for her kids’ wellbeing. The complaint drove police to John Yurasits, who police asserted assaulted the victim multiple times since January.

Yurasits, 33, supposedly evaluated that his three youngsters — a baby, 2-and 3-year-old — played with narcotics that was forgotten about on at any rate 30 events. He asserted he allowed the 3-year-old to treat her mental imbalance, regardless of the way that she was never determined to have the confusion.

The Suspect Forced 3-Year-Old Girl To Take Narcotics.

He gave the pot to the 3-year-old — toward the path that she would need to ingest the medications, and advised her, ‘It’s simple. Suck into it like a McDonald’s straw,'” police said, as indicated by WTHM.

Law authorization said they likewise got pictures showing hand-formed welted on the little child mother’s back. The supposed wounds happened in March.

The news outlet announced that Yurasits confessed to hitting his little girl since she was in effect terrible, and he lost control.

Yurasits was accused of assault, attack, and imperiling the government assistance of kids. WHP-TV detailed that the three kids are in their mom’s consideration.


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