Pennsylvania Woman Kept Her Dead Grandmother In Cold For Years

However, Greed is one of the unwanted things that we wanted in our life, but its the thing which forces human to cross the limits.

There is no such difference in good and bad for the person who can do whatever it takes to satisfy needs. However, possessing a corpse just for getting security money is the next-level of Greed.


A Pennsylvania woman charged for keeping her dead grandmother in a freezer for 15 years so she could accumulate her Social Security money. The woman is now under arrest for her heinous crime.

Cynthia Black told police that she found her grandmother, Glenora Delahay, dead inside their Ardmore home in 2004.

Security Money

She said her family desperately wanted her grandmother’s Social Security money, so she moved the body to the basement and placed it in a freezer.

Police said when Black moved to York County in 2007, she moved the freezer with her grandmother’s body inside to her new home. And, they say, the Social Security income was used to pay the contract.

Body Discovered

Delahay’s body was found in February 2019 and later classified through DNA testing.

Black was taken into custody Wednesday and is charged with theft and abuse of the body.


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