Pokémon Voice Artist Kumiko Okae Passed Away From Coronavirus

Right now, the whole world is suffering due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This virus has also taken the lives of many artists. Now we have lost a great voice artist named Kumiko Okae. The Pokemon voice artist died from coronavirus recently. Know everything about it here:

Kumiko Okae Dead Due To Coronavirus 

Kumiko Okae was a Japanese voice artist who died at the age of 63. She passed away in the Tokyo hospital from the deadly coronavirus. Her health was already bad, and she was facing pneumonia complexities. The management staff of her recently confirmed her death. Her fans are also very disheartened by hearing her demise news.

About Kumiko Okae’s Career 

Okae was an incredible actress and voice artist; she lends her voice to the character named Jenny in the movie Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew released back in 2005

Apart from it, she also gives her voice in other projects like the animated movie The Dog of Flanders as Elina, and in the series named The Cat Returns.

Kumiko Okae
Source: Legacy.com

Other Artists Died From Coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected the people around the whole world that includes various celebrities and artists. Some are lucky enough that they recovered from the deadly virus, but some are not fortunate enough. So here are some great artists who are no more left in this world:

Ann Sulivan passed away at the age of 91 due to the coronavirus on April 13. He was an animator at Disney worked on notable projects like The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.

The famous American folk singer John Prine died from the coronavirus at the age of 73 on April 7.

The Grammy-nominated singer Troy Sneed died from the coronavirus on May 11, 2020, at the age of 52. He is well known for radio hits like Worked It Out, and My Heart Says Yes.

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