Police Officer Who Said It Is Unfortunate That Coronavirus Didn’t Kill More Black People Is Fired


A Louisana cop who ridiculed Covid-19’s deadly toll on black people via Facebook has been terminated out of the force.

Racist Steven Aucoin was dismissed from the Kaplan Police Department after posting that it was sad that coronavirus hadn’t killed more African-Americans.

Chief of Police Joshua Hardy said Aucoin had unsettled people after discussing under a live feed of the governor’s news conference.

One person reacted under a local news station’s live-stream of the case that the “virus that was created to kill all the BLACKS is death.”

Aucoin then viciously replied: “Well, it didn’t work… how unfortunate.”

Post Screenshots

Local broadcasters captured screenshots of the objectionable post.

After an objection, Kaplan Police said on Facebook: “We are communicating to inform everyone that we were made informed of the situation with the remarks on Facebook from Steven Aucoin.

“Chief Hardy had looked into the matter, and the officer was fired.

“Chief Hardy and the Kaplan Police Department would like to apologize for this matter.”


Aucoin’s firing was hailed by residents, with Councilman Craig Gregory posting: “I applaud your speedy and decisive action regarding this matter.”

But some others asked how long the force had known about Aucoin’s approach towards black people.

One man posted on Kaplan Police Facebook’s page: “He wasn’t terminated immediately as the police take too much time to discover about it.

“He was fired because we found out about it. His way is all too common in policing.”

African-Americans are more likely to die from Covid-19, highlighting longstanding differences in health and variations in the entrance to medical care.


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