Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Love Story Is A Complete Package For A Romantic Hollywood Movie In Itself

If there is one couple which we can look up to for a romantic life, it’s Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The couple has proved over time that they are indeed the most charming couple of all the time. The sheer presence of two on-screen gives a romantic vibe to the fans.

Their love story is indeed worth exploring, and there is no reason for us to not look at the beautiful timeline of the couple. It’s been a while, and still, their relationship looks more romantic the new couples of the day. Their love story has every element which can make you cry and have a surge of joy at the same time.

One of the recent instance, where their love overwhelmed the fans, is related to a fan’s query to Ryan Reynolds on Blake Lively starring Gossip Girls. The reply awestruck fans as he said that he didn’t watch, rather he drank through his eyes. Now, this is indeed something which will be an elating experience for all the fans who look up to the couple as the best romantic couple of contemporary times.

Ryan Reynolds Love
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The romantic timeline of the couple

It all started in the year 2010 when they had their first joint appearance at the Comic-con. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were together for the movie Green Lantern. These were the times when they were dating different people. Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson while Blake Lively was dating Penn Badgley. These were the times when fans speculated that something might be going between them. Subsequently, Blake broke up with

Penn Badgley and they chose to remain friends.

In the next few months, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds also filed for divorce. This was a crucial moment in their lives, and this is the time things might have started to take turns. It took a while for Ryan to admit that now he is open to another relationship.

It took a while, but finally, in the later months of 2011, media reports surfaced on Blake and Ryan dating. This cleared the air for the fans, and the chemistry on-screen was appreciated off-screen too. This is something that gained ground when she was seen leaving Ryan’s apartment when she was filming for RIPD in Boston.

It was in the year 2014 in August when she opened up on how important Ryan is for her, and she likes everything about Ryan. It was in October 2014 when she opened up on her relationship status and said she was expecting a baby.

This indeed was a turning point in their lives, and the duo cherished every moment of it. In January 2015, their first baby was born, and this brought them even closer. They confirmed the second child in 2016. And the rest should be left for a Hollywood movie which will describe the set of events in a more romantic way.


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