San Antonio Officials Investigating Shooting Death Of A 4-Year-Old Which May Not Be Accidental

About The Incident

On Memorial Day, a 4-year-old boy died after he allegedly shot himself. It was reported that the incident was accidental as the child was playing with the gun, but now the investigation continued, and it looks like someone is responsible for his death.

Texas Boy Died On Memorial Day

It was earlier reported that the 4-year-old boy died after an unintentional shooting in San Antonio on Memorial Day. The child was with another boy inside the home, and then he found a gun in a bedroom.

The boy started playing with a gun which resulted in the firing a shot which hits in the stomach of the boy. He was sent to the hospital, but he died from his injuries.

Investigation Continue For The Death Of Boy 

The investigation for the death of the boy is now resumed, and the cops have a strong feeling that someone is responsible for the demise of the boy, and it was not unintentional.

At the time of the shooting, many people were present at the house, and some also refused to cooperate in the inquiry, so now everybody is being investigated. There are still possibilities that if the police discover the main culprit, then criminal charges are possible.

Sgt. Michelle Ramos, a police representative said in a statement: ‘Information presented at the scene is ever preliminary and subject to change through the course of the inquiry.’


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