Scientists Are Confused After Witnessing Never Seen Star System In Milky Way

At the starting of this year, the international team of scientists has announced the second detection of a gravitational wave signal from the collision of two neutron stars.

This event is named as GW190425 and the combination of the two mass neutron stars is greater than any other observatory binary neutron star system. This combined mass is around 3.4 times the mass of our sun.

Such massive binary star was never been seen in our galaxy before and the scientists have been mystified by the formation of these starts until today. A team of astrophysicists think they might have the answer for this.

The binary neutrons emit gravitational waves that are rippled in space-time as they orbit to each other in the space and thus the scientists can detect these waves when the neutron stars merge.

A recent study proposed a formation channel that explains the high mass of the binary and the fact that similar systems aren’t observed with traditional radio astronomy techniques.

Further, the Romero says that they proposed GW190425 is formed through the process known as unstable case BB mass transfer which is the original procedure defined during 1981.

And this starts with the neutron star that has the stellar partner – the helium star along with the carbon-oxygen (CO) core. If this helium star expands far enough to engulf the neutron star, the helium clouds end pushing the binary closer together before it dissipates.


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