South Carolina Woman Allegedly Tortured And Assaulted A Black Girl She Accused Of Stealing Mail

Elizabeth Shirey is the Aiken, South Carolina, lady authorities state attacked a youthful dark girl in the wake of blaming the kid for taking her mail. The 11-year-old girl, Skhylur Davis, was recovering her grandma’s mail when Shirey moved toward her close to the letterbox on May 11.

Davis says Shirey apologized and offered the youngster treats after understanding her error. Sooner or later, Shirey’s better half got included. Davis clarified that even though no racial slurs were utilized, she felt the occurrence was racially spurred in light of a remark Mr. Shirey said. Her significant other stated, ‘On the off chance that you were an alternate kind of individual, this would have been another story,’ Davis said during a news gathering close by her lawyer.

Davis’ grandma, Alice Patterson, called the police in the wake of learning of the episode. Shirey has been accused of an offense and is expected in court on July 15.

Here is the thing that you have to know

1. Davis Said She and Three Others Were Standing Near Shirey’s Mailbox But Never Touched It

Patterson has been inhabiting her present home in Aiken for about a year. She told the Augusta Chronicle she frequently sends her granddaughter to get the mail from the letter box.

On May 11, Davis was joined by her sister and two cousins. Every one of them four are adolescents. Davis told police that subsequent to getting her grandma’s mail, she and the other three youngsters strolled along Whitemarsh Drive and stopped close to another letter box. She told WACH-TV, The letter box was behind me… I wasn’t contacting it or anything and I pivot and this woman is coming towards me and attacks me.

Davis told police Shirey moved toward her forcefully and requested her mail back. As indicated by the Aiken Public Safety report, The casualty was found napping and told Ms. Shirey the mail was not hers. The casualty expressed Ms. Shirey endeavored to get the mail away from her and simultaneously, snatched her by the arms and pulled them.

Davis said after Shirey understood the mail was not hers, she was sorry and offered to improve it by offering treats.

2. Shirey Told Police She Initially Thought Davis Was an Adult and Called Out ‘Ma’am’ Before Approaching Her

As indicated by the episode report from Aiken Public Safety, Shirey told the reacting official that she was inside her home when she spotted somebody remaining close to her letter box. She initially thought the individual remaining outside was a grown-up.

Shirey said she took a stab at hollering “Ma’am” however didn’t get a reaction. As indicated by the report, she at that point strolled towards the individual while inquiring as to whether the individual was holding her mail. Shirey conceded she attempted to get the mail away before acknowledging it didn’t have a place with her. She saw the location on the mail was not her own.

Shirey said at exactly that point did she understand the individual was a kid and endeavored to apologize. The police report records her better half, Justin Shirey, as an included person. In any case, the outline of the occurrence just expressed that Mr. Shirey had been “impolite” to Davis and her companions.

3. The Police Report Does Not Mention Race But Davis Says She Feels the Shireys Judged Her Because Of Her Skin Color

The Aiken Public Safety occurrence report doesn’t make reference to race. Over the story, there is a line that peruses “Suspect Hate/Bias Motivated:” The reacting official left that segment clear.

Davis told police that Shirey’s better half had moved toward the gathering and was “inconsiderate” to them. She clarified during a news meeting on May 19, close by lawyer Justin Bamberg, that Mr. Shirey’s contribution made her think the experience was race-related. At the point when we were clarifying that we didn’t take the mail, the spouse said that on the off chance that you were an alternate sort of fellow, this would have been another story. You don’t need to consider what type implies, WJBF-TV announced.

Davis’ grandma, Alice Patterson was likewise part of the news meeting. She clarified, We’re harmed, we’re vexed, and we’re irate. She’s furious and harmed. She was disregarded. Experiencing childhood in the South, we needed to bear this. Our folks needed to persevere through this. It’s 2020, we won’t have our youngsters experience what we needed to experience.

4. Shirey Is Charged With Assault and Battery

Shirey is confronting a charge of threatening behavior in the third degree. In South Carolina, this charge is delegated a “straightforward ambush” crime.

Shirey was not arrested. Lt. Jake Mahoney disclosed to the Aiken Standard that Shirey was not kept in light of the fact that the charge is low-level, and authorities are endeavoring to decrease prisoner levels due to the coronavirus. He likewise told WJBF-TV the choice was made in light of the fact that the guilty party was consistent, the wrongdoer was decidedly distinguished, there was no articulable impending peril to the person in question or to society all in all, and no proof of liquor or medication disability.

Shirey was given a reference and requested to show up in court on July 15. As of this composition, the case had not been gone into the Aiken County Second Judicial Circuit Public Index, which is accessible on the web.

5. Davis’ Attorney Says the Child Is Aware of the Ahmaud Arbery Case in Georgia and Is ‘Disheartened’ That She May Be Judged For Her Skin Color

Davis’ lawyer, Justin Bamberg, says the little youngster knows about the shooting demise of Georgia man Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery was shot and slaughtered by two white men while running. Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael are both accused of homicide.

Bamberg disclosed in a letter to the Augusta Chronicle that Davis is disheartened by the reality individuals make presumptions about dark individuals as a result of the shade of their skin and feels Arbery would have been dealt with various on the off chance that he was white. Bamberg additionally told the paper, We need the criminal equity framework in Aiken County to create an object lesson with Mrs. Shirey to stop others from doing likewise once more.

Bamberg further remarked on Facebook, What is happening in the public arena when a 11yr old kid can’t get mail for her grandma without danger of judgment, ambush or passing? We as a whole owe it to our youngsters and the ages to come to improve, be better, and make a superior tomorrow than the today we live through.

Davis says she was not apprehensive during the experience at the post box. She told WACH-TV that she trusts Shirey discovers that you can’t do that to individuals since I’m the same amount of a person as you are as well. In this way, this isn’t right.


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