Tom Cruise Movie And Outer Space Shoot, All News In One Place

A project is in the works involving Tom Cruise in the main lead, and the filming will take place in outer space. For the movie, Cruise is teaming up with Elon Musk’s Space X and NASA. Here is everything which you should know about it:

Tom Cruise Collaborated With Space X and NASA

Cruise is well known for his action and risky roles and at the age of 57, he managed to do the dangerous stunts by himself. Tom Cruise will become the first actor to do a movie in outer space if the filming will successfully be completed. For doing the movie in outer space, Elon Musk company Space X and NASA will support him.

Even NASA has confirmed the existence of the project few days back on Twitter. Jim Bridenstine Nasa administrator confirmed by saying: ‘Nasa is delighted to work with Tom Cruise on a movie aboard the Space Station!’

Doug Liman Will Direct Space Movie

As per Deadline, Doug Liman is appointed to direct the movie in outer space. It is not the first time when Liman is collaborating with Tom Cruise; they had worked on projects like American Made and Edge of Tomorrow. The movie will be more interesting as the old collaborators are coming up for this new project.

The director already started working on it as he is penning the first draft of the screenplay. He is also producing the space movie alongside Cruise. A new film of Liman is also coming up that is Chaos Walking; he is operating on post-production of that movie.

Other Details Regarding Space Movie

It is earlier verified that the project is entirely new, and it does not have any connection with Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 7. The action star Tom Cruise is perfect for this project as he has a bond with space already. Earlier, Cruise actually played the role of an astronaut in Oblivion. He also described the documentary Space Station 3D that released in 2002.

Also, the star is perfect for the roles that involve huge risks. In the Mission Impossible movies, he had risked his life on multiple occasions for doing many dangerous stunts. Earlier, he actually fractured his ankle in a leap from one rooftop to the other.


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