Tulsa Toddlers Who Went Missing Were Swept Away In Flowing Creek Waters

Two Children Missing

DNA reports confirmed late Thursday that two bodies found in waterways in and near Tulsa, Oklahoma, this week were those of two children who had been missing since last Friday.

Miracle Crook, 2, and her brother Tony Crook, 1, were last seen in CCTV footage playing on the bank at Mingo Creek, near the east Tulsa apartment complex where their mother, Donisha Willis, resides.

Body Found

Miracle’s body was found Tuesday night in the Verdigris River, about 100 miles away by twisting waterways from the Shoreline apartment complex. On Wednesday, personals found Tony’s body in Bird Creek, near where Mingo Creek flows into it. From there, Bird Creek turns its way to the Verdigris River.

It is reported that the children have apparently cleared away in the waters of Mingo Creek and drowned.

Mother Arrested

Children’s Mother Willis, who police said was uncooperative throughout the investigation, was detained on Sunday and charged with child endangerment and attacking an officer.

Police said that officers found Willis carried out on her couch, with her front door open. When they interrogated her about the children’s locations, she became offensive toward the officers and said she “didn’t care,” 

Willis was on punishment and did not have custody of the children.  The report said that the children’s guardian saw them with Willis Friday morning and returned that evening with their legal custodian to find Willis intoxicated and passed out on the couch, with the children nowhere to be seen.

CCTV Footage

The research turned up video from a nearby utility store displaying the children with Willis, then video from the apartment complex showing them leading down the street alone from a couple of hours later. Searchers began concentrating on the water when primary reports turned up no leads.


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