UCon Killer Reportedly Captured On Camera At Gad Station Before He Took Uber For Maryland


The Amber alert for a 23-year-old University of Connecticut student wanted for killing and abduction moved across Pennsylvania state lines into Maryland on Wednesday, after he was observed on CCTV video in one state and then took an Uber into the other.

Peter Manfredonia allegedly killed Theodore Demers, 62, in an attack on May 22 in Willington, Connecticut, that left an 82-year-old man who tried to intercede injured. After the suspect attacked the men with a sharp weapon, he escaped the area. He is also accused of holding a Willington homeowner restrained Sunday before lifting a truck and firearms. The homeowner was not injured.

Friend Found Dead

Police located the stolen truck in Osbornedale State Park in Derby. While exploring the park, police discovered that Nicholas Eisele, 23, Manfredonia’s friend who lived nearby, had been killed. Officers discovered Eisele dead in his home from a gunshot wound. The suspect is accused of also abducting Eisele’s 23-year-old girlfriend. She was later located unharmed at Patterson, New Jersey, with her vehicle.

Located Manfredonia

Pennsylvania State Police said Wednesday that they’d got a tip that Manfredonia is in Chambersberg, Pennsylvania, where CCTV recorded him at a facility store. From there, he reportedly took an Uber to Hagerstown, Maryland, about 25 miles away.

Police said that a black Hyundai Santa Fe reported stolen on May 25 in the Stroudsburg area of Pennsylvania was found 170 miles away near the Chambersberg utility store. Manfredonia was last sighted in Stroudsburg, where an Uber driver dropped him off in front of a Walmart, and monitoring video recorded him walking along nearby train tracks.


In Chambersberg, police said Manfredonia was wearing red sneakers and still possessing a black duffel bag that investigators believe contains stolen guns.


Law enforcement authorities and Manfredonia’s family urged him to surrender.

“Peter, if you’re hearing, you’re loved, your parents, your sisters, your entire family loves you. Nobody wants any wrong to come to you. It’s time to capitulate,” Michael Dolan, a lawyer for Manfredonia’s family, said.

Connecticut State Police Lt John Aiello said:

“We have communicated with your family, we’ve discussed with your friends and your roommates. All of them have said the same thing that this action is out of the usual for you. We know this is not who you are.”


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