Utah: Unidentified Suspect Shot Rookie Police Officer To Death Through Door


In Utah, a police officer was killed during the gunfire, and his partner got injured on Thursday. The officers went to the suspect’s house because his wife called on 911 that he was trying to kill her.

Officers Responded To Domestic Violence Call

The rookie police officer and his team appeared at the house, which is in the city of Ogden, north of Salt Lake City, after a woman called on 911 to report domestic violence. She said that her husband is trying to kill her. The officers faced the man, and then he went back to his house and began firing through the door.

In the gun firing, the bullets hit two officers, and then both were brought to the hospital. The Rookie police officer succumbed to his injuries, and his partner suffered non-threatening injuries. In the house, two children discovered who is now safe, and nothing is clear about the woman.

Police Chief Statements

Police Chief Randy Watt got emotional and opened up about the death of the police officer. He said in a statement: ‘Our hearts are broken. We lost one of our own. The days to arrive will be hectic for us. Please, as a department, as a community, as a state and as a nation, let us not neglect such fine men and women who give their lives to be police officers.’


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