Why Demi Lovato Split From Her Ex Austin Wilson?

Demi Lovato speaks why she broke up with Austin Wilson!

E! News has learned some spicy news about what pop star Demi Lovato has to say about her ex-boyfriend, Austin Wilson.

She says that he was not a good fit for the star who is right now focusing on her sobriety as well as faith.

It was learned earlier on Saturday that Demi, who is 27 years in age and Austin who is 25 years in age, has broken up just a month after the two made their relationship official on their Instagram handles.

Sources say that their lifestyle was not matching!

A source has told E! News that the couple’s lifestyle was not matching, and she is very focused on her sobriety and God, and it was not a good fit for that.

They also revealed that she is still working on herself and is very committed to that.

Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson Have Reportedly Broken Up - Demi ...
Source: Seventeen Magazine

The source has added that she is sticking with what she has been doing and working on her music, and that is her focus, and nothing is going to change this fact.

Demi is focusing on her sobriety and God and her music, so do not want to date!

The duo just decided that it is best to go on separate ways while there are no hard feelings, but it was just not going to work with him.

These guys started dating a year after she was suffering through a drug overdose that landed her in the hospital and paved a way to a rehab stint which is not her first time.

This iconic singer has sung various songs about her sobriety in her track Sober which is her most recent single track that was released just a month before her overdose.


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